"The System Management module provides synthesis, support and control features to our other sub-systems."

The ASSIST™ System Management module consists of the following:






· Letter Master Entry provides a way to enter cover letters that are integrated into applications such as Customer Statements.

· Letter Master List prints a list of letters on file.

· Report / Update Preset Entry is a tool that lets you save your preferred option selections on any report or update.

· Report / Update Preset List prints a list of report presets.

· Address Book Entry lets you create and maintain addresses and other contact information for customer, vendors, salesperson, and custom address books.

· Address Book List prints out selected address book contact information.

· Remark Master Entry lets you set up shortcut codes for commonly used remarks. These shortcuts are then available wherever remarks are entered in other modules.

· Remark Master List prints the remarks in the Remarks Master file.

· File Size Report lets you monitor the vital statistics of the database.

· Record Size Report lets you monitor the vital statistics of the database.

· System Files Update lets you regulate the system database and self manage the system files.

· Error Log Preview shows the log of system problems (because, alas, all systems have problems).

· Error Log Report prints the error log.

· Error Log Purge removes outdated error log entries from the log.

· Management Digest is a powerful set of reporting tools that let you create a digest of information collected from other system reports. It is also the means for creating job streams for unattended report printing and updating.

· Report De-spoolers are a set of utilities for printing and purging reports that were spooled to disk files.


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