"The System Security module protects our system from unauthorized access."

The ASSIST™ System Security module consists of the following:






· User Master Entry allows you to add, change, delete or view information on a user. The default company, division, warehouse, initial menu, printer list and status are controlled here.

· User Master List prints users by code, name or class.

· Security Class Master Entry lets you add, change, delete or view information on a security class.

· Security Class Master List prints a list of security classes.

· Password Entry allows you to add, change, delete or view information on a password for any entry field.

· Password List prints a list of system field passwords.

· User Data Type Access Entry gives you a means to control user access to customers and salespersons. This feature is easily expandable to include virtually any other type of sensitive data.

· User Data Type Access List prints the user data type access controls you have set up.

· Access Control Entry allows you to enter the system access parameters for a user, a class of users or a specific terminal.

· Access Control List gives you the ability to print a Master List of access control parameters.

· Access Control Regulator will evaluate and update individual users access parameters based on changes made to class access parameters.

· System Access Preview lets you monitor who is logged on at the moment, and see what application they are running.

· Access Tracking Report prints a detailed log of system activity by users who have been set up to be tracked.

· Access Tracking Summary prints a summarized log of user activity.

· Access Tracking Purge removes old user activity detail from the access tracking log.


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