Rennie, Lindsey and Associates, Inc. is the custom software developer of the wholesale distribution manufacturing accounting software packages: E-Syst and ASSIST 2K. See a partial list (below) of the manufacturers and wholesale distributors that are already using the software. Preview our software products and review their screen shots - see what we can do for you TODAY! Please click here to see the module overviews, screen shots and sample reports.

E-Syst and ASSIST 2K are business software solutions designed for companies that require flexible and user-friendly wholesale distribution software or manufacturing software. We also have solutions for mass distribution EDI software ideal for businesses working with Wal-Mart, Kmart, Cabela's, 3M and many more. In addition to our ability to provide awesome business software, we also focus in, on the specific needs of certain industries. Our lot control software, document / image archiving software, CRM features and inventory software are especially well fitted to companies that require aerospace fastener software, broker fastener software, commercial fastener software and electronic component software.

Our vessel tracking and import landed cost software is well suited for companies that require import software and export software. We have a number of sporting goods / toy importers, toy distributors and toy manufactures that use our importing software. Our customer credit control, multiple units of measure conversion and customer pricing matrix software are ideal for companies that are looking for building material software. Finally, our Canadian customers make full use of Canadian payroll, foreign currency translation and GST / PST support. At RLA, we make better software, because we focus on your business.

This software is already being used in the following industries.

  • Aerospace Fastener Wholesale Distributors
  • Industrial Fastener Wholesale Distributors
  • Drill Bit Manufacturing Distributors
  • Fireworks Importers / Distributors
  • Commercial Fastener Wholesale Distributors
  • Importing / Exporting Wholesale Distributors
  • Home and Garden Wholesale Distributors
  • Toy Importer / Wholesale Distributors
  • Canadian Wholesale Distribution / Manufacturers
  • Electrical Supply Distributors
  • Caster Wholesale Distributors
  • Sporting Good Wholesale Distributors
  • Electronic Component Wholesale Distributors
  • Building Material Wholesale Distributors
  • Hydraulic Component Wholesale Distributors
  • Suppliers for Mass Market / Drug Store / Retail Stores
  • EDI Distributors to Wal-Mart, Cabela's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, Academy, 3M, Benchmark etc...
  • Auto Part Manufacturers / Distributors
  • Canadian / European / Pacific Rim / Asian Importers and Exporters
  • Golf Bag Manufacturing Distributors
  • Concrete Coloring Manufacturing Distributors
  • Tent Manufacturing Distributors
  • Fragrance Manufacturing Distributors
  • Ink Manufacturing Distributors





Rennie, Lindsey & Associates, Inc.Rennie, Lindsey & Associates, Inc.
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