ASSIST 2K is a unique blend of software functionality and flexibility. It is one of the few remaining products that provide the source code to the end user for their benefit and security. You can rest assured knowing that your software investment will not be made obsolete. You can also be assured that the software can be changed as your business changes. No more need to replace your ERP software every three years. Just modify what you need it to do. You can have RLA do it, do it yourself or any other third party. You are not trapped into working with just one vendor or into making your business fit into the software. How about making the software fit your business instead? At RLA we make better software, because we focus on your business.

If you like the old tried and true DOS / character user interface (CHUI), then ASSIST 2K can also be run that way. Many of our clients have been using the software for over 10 years. Some of their users like the old way of running the software, so we continue to support that means of running the software. Please click here to see some comparative samples of the CHUI screens.

Module Overviews & Screen Shots