RLA E-Syst and ASSIST 2K Training

    Training at RLA can be handled many different ways. A member of our staff or an associate, can do training on site, if that is what you prefer. A much more effective alternate is also available. Our staff can arrange private internet training sessions, simply by logging into your system. They are able to see each keystroke you make and advise you in the most efficient method to accomplish your task. These training sessions are conducted in short intervals, allowing our staff to train you and then give you time to digest, test and apply what was covered, BEFORE we move on to the next step. This allows you to go at your own pace and eliminates travel costs and time you are out of the office. By doing the step by step training, in small intervals, you control when you go live, all the while getting personal support from our North American support staff.

    Of course E-Syst and ASSIST 2K both have online help text for each data field in our entry screens. E-Syst and ASSIST 2K also come with a group of training videos (see below). The help text and the training videos are included at no additional charge and can be maintained and updated by you.

  • Demo: Warehouse Master Entry Training Video

  • Demo: Navigation of Help Text Training Video

  • Private Live Demo / Training Session Log-in (must be scheduled in advance)

  • E-Syst Demo Download (must fill out complete demo request form)