"The Accounts Payable module provides quick access to everything we need to control our cash flow and answer our vendors' questions."

The ASSIST™ Accounts Payable module has:






· Vendor Master Entry allows you to add, change or view information on a vendor.

· Vendor Master Lists / Labels gives you the ability to print Master Lists, Vendor Addresses, Vendor Contacts, Standard Expenses List and Mailing Labels by vendor name or code.

· Vendor Code Change / Delete gives you the ability to change or delete a vendor code without open or historical information being lost.

· Vendor Classes allows you to add, change, delete, view and print information on vendor groups or vendor classes.

· Payment Terms allows you to add, change, delete, view and print payment terms.

· Vendor Contacts lets you add, change, delete, view or print Invoice, Purchase Order, or Miscellaneous remarks for a vendor.

· Vendor Research displays the vendor master information with options to view Purchase History, Open Invoices, Open Purchase Orders, Payment History, Receipts History, and Vendor Status.

· Vendor Status displays credit information for the selected vendor, giving the accounts payable department all the necessary information for handling calls from vendors. You can identify which invoices are open and what payments been made, and log information given to the vendor directly into the system.

· Vendor Payables displays open payables for a selected vendor with the ability to view expense distribution and payment history on a selected invoice

· Vendor Payable Totals displays open payable totals for a selected vendor with the ability to then see the detail

· Paid Invoices displays paid invoices for a selected vendor.

· Paid Invoice Totals displays closed payable totals for a selected vendor with the ability to then see the detail

· Check History displays summary check information for a selected vendor with the ability to view detail of the invoices paid.

· Payments Spread gives management a variety of tools for viewing and graphing payment history. There are several different spread options available, depending on the detail of information desired.

· Purchase Order Research displays Purchase Orders and Sourcing in detail. The Open Purchase Order or Sourcing can be found by order number, vendor, order type and warehouse, order status and warehouse, or by reference number.

· Invoices allows you to enter, print and update invoices to any open posting period.

· Checks allows you to enter manual checks as well as print and update computer generated checks.

· Ageings allow you to print Detailed or Summary Agings. The reports can be sorted by vendor name, vendor reference, class, group or vendor code. You can define the columns on the aging reports. The Aged Trial Balance provides an aging for prior months.

· Invoice Journal History gives you invoice history by posting period and vendor or by vendor and invoice.

· Cash Disbursements History gives you check disbursement history by period and vendor, period and check number, by vendor and by check number.

· Vendor Payment Spread gives you the ability to print any of the Payment Spreads in report form.

· Form 1099 Processing provides automatic Form 1099 printing for selected vendors.

· Inactive Vendor Register gives you the ability to print and purge inactive vendors based on a cut-off period selected by you.

· Vendor History Purges gives you the ability to purge history based on a user entered cut-off period.

· Receipts / Invoices provides reports and inquiries on purchase receipts that you have not received an invoice for.

· Vendor Regulator allows you to verify and update vendor balances in the event of a system interruption.

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